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Pablo AKA The Jest3r


Pablo AKA “Grandma’s Favorite Grandson”. As an influencer on Instagram with an account called the_jest3r, I built my name from creating Memes and inspirational posts which earned me 112k followers. I am followed by a variety of people from hipsters to celebrities. 

”Love, Peace & Memes” 

CDot AKA Dottie


Thottie Dottie...Female Sniper General. You’ll find me chillin in my house most often. However, I always end up mixed up in some crazy story, uncomfortable and needing an adult. I’m told I’m jovial and good with people. I don’t know about all that. I do know I hate small talk; don’t ever try to hug me; and if you see me and call out my name, I’m running!

"Best Friend"


"BestFriend" AKA The Colonizer, 33.3333% owner of The"Meme"ing Of It All podcast. Unlike Pablo who is nobody's favorite, I’m built on not caring about memes or social media. I’m not trying to inspire anyone. My main goal is to be 100% with myself and everyone around regardless of the topic. I pride myself on having at least 5 followers. As long as I have 5, I know I have arrived. 


Join IG's own "Kinda" famous The Jest3r/Pablo, CDot & "Best Friend" as they talk about what's poppin in the streets and on the gram. New episode drops every Sunday.



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